A New Kind of Year Resolution

Jan 08, 2016 by admin Comments: 0

t this time of year we are bombarded with talk of New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you made a list of your own. I’ve read some articles claiming that we are better at breaking our resolutions than achieving or even making them. People make all sorts of resolutions for new calendar years: Lose the weight Get the guy/girl Make more money Eat healthier Travel more Read 50 books Apply for a course/training program And the list could go on. We hear people saying to choose one word to guide your year and every leadership guru once told us to make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, etc). These are great little tricks in specific contexts. With so many of us making & breaking New Year’s resolutions, I started to wonder if we could do better. Maybe it’s time our old way of handling the New Year got a makeover. In Solution-focused Therapy we often ask people to rank how they experience something on a scale (maybe 1 means terrible and 10 means great). The next step is to ask what would need to change to move you up the scale just a little bit. What if we extended this approach to how […] Read More