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  Kevin Connolly
  Hello Lisa, my name is Kevin. My girlfriend of 3 years and I are seeking couples therapy and would like to know if this is a field you handle.

A quick overview is Lisa and I are attempting to rekindle our relationship as we had a rocky breakup recently. We recently attempted moving in together and I quickly realized that it would not work out. Lisa has a 15 year old son and I found that some aspects of the blended family to be very difficult to accept. I had to ask them to leave and of course we split up as a result.

A few weeks later and we are talking and agreeing to see each other again. We both agree that couples therapy will be beneficial.

We have had a history of me feeling I was not getting enough time or attention, not trusting each other completely, jealousy from us both fueled often by social media.
Communication has not been one of our strong points and conflict resolution skills need developing for sure.

I'm sure there is more but that is a quick look.

Please call me at 905-434-9034 to discuss your approach to couples counseling as well as rates and available time slots.

We would also like to enquire what your status is presently with regards to relationships. Have you ever been divorced? We prefer a counselor in a healthy happy relationship with their partner. If that were not the case, we would likely seek a different counselor.

I appreciate your time and hope to hear back soon.